Thoughtful edible items to brighten your day.




Egg & cheese sandwiches with ham, bacon, or sausage

Overnight oats- cold milk soaked oatmeal with berries, honey, & nuts

Yogurt parfaits- greek or traditional yogurt with granola, berries, nuts

Fresh cut seasonal fruit

Pastry trays- muffins, bagels, baked oatmeal, granola balls, scones

Quiches- personal cups or entire pie

Signature chicken salads:

Cranberry almond

Lemon almond

Basil pesto



Spicy buffalo

Ranch B.L.T.

Lemon basil

Rosemary dijon   



Assorted sandwiches- high variety with something for everyone!

Organic greens salads with seasonal veggies, fruits, nuts

Quinoa salad, chickpea salad, pasta salad, buddha bowls, sesame noodle bowls

Signature soups: chicken & rice, Tuscan chicken noodle, beef chili, split pea, chicken tortilla, sausage, kale, & white bean, loaded baked potato, chicken, bacon, & kale, stuffed pepper

Cookie trays! Save room for desserts!  

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